1. How does Swerve Sweetener compare to Splenda?

  • Swerve Sweetener is all-natural. Splenda is partly artificial.
  • Our proprietary formulation of erythritol is made by enzymatic processes where enzymes break-down natural foods that are a part of your everyday diet (fruits and vegetables). The process that we use to yield the white crystals is the introduction of microorganisms classified as “osmotolerant”. The non-GMO microorganisms are introduced, and during that 3 day “fermentation” process a white crystalline powder is formed. Those crystals are then purified with natural activated charcoal and ultrafiltration, no chemicals involved.. Splenda contains a chlorinated carbon-based chemical.
  • Swerve Sweetener tastes exactly like sugar…Guaranteed and Powdered. Splenda does not back such a guarantee.
  • Swerve Sweetener is perfect for baking, just like sugar. Splenda requires special recipes for baking.
  • Swerve Sweetener Granular has 0 Calories per 5 gram tsp. Splenda Sugar Blend for Baking has 20 Calories per 5 gram tsp.
  • Swerve Sweetener replaces sugar one-for-one. Splenda replaces sugar one-for-two.

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2. Swerve Sweetener is new, but is it safe?

Each of the natural ingredients in the proprietary formulation of Swerve Sweetener is accepted by the US FDA as safe for food use or GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status. These sugars have all been consumed as significant nutrients in the human diet for hundreds of years. With Swerve Sweetener, you can expect fewer calories and impact carbohydrates in your daily diet, reduced blood sugar excursions after eating, and increased growth of healthful bacteria in your large intestine that actually improves digestion. Back to top.

3. Is Swerve Sweetener safe for diabetics?

Yes. Swerve Sweetener has been tested in type 2 diabetics in the clinic and has been found to have no glycemic index of glucose. After-meal blood glucose excursions were reduced significantly. Unlike alternative sweeteners on the market, you do not have to revise your favorite recipes to accommodate Swerve Sweetener. Just replace the table sugar called for in your recipes one-for-one with Swerve Sweetener. Back to top.

4. Is Swerve Sweetener effective for low-carbohydrate dieters?

Because of it’s zero glycemic index, Swerve Sweetener Granular and Swerve Sweetener Confectioners Style are ideal for low-carb dieters. Erythritol is labeled as a carbohydrate (5grams) because it is basically a fiber (made from plants), but no calories, it is an anomaly. The carbohydrate count for table sugar is 4 grams per teaspoon and 15 calories. Back to top.

5. How should I use Swerve Sweetener in foods?

Simply stated, you can use Swerve Sweetener to replace ordinary sugar one-for-one in any food without sacrificing the good taste or properties of the original food. Because of the propensity of Swerve Sweetener. Back to top.

6. How is Swerve Sweetener different from others?

Our all-natural blend has the same sweetness level as ordinary sugar, the same functional properties in foods, one third of the calories and 0 carbohydrates and 0 glycemic index of sugar. No single alternative sweetener on the market today comes as close to table sugar in terms of taste and functional properties as Swerve Sweetener! The limitations of high-intensity sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame K, saccharin and stevia are well-known to weight-conscious consumers. First, high-intensity sweeteners, while virtually free of calories because of the small amount required, do not provide any of the functional or bulk properties of ordinary sugar. Second, each one has a variety of limitations such as tainted safety record, licorice taste, unpleasant after-taste, loss of sweetness in hot foods or during warehouse storage, alleged headaches, etc. The Digestibility of erythritol and erythritol causing gas comes from the addition of inulin in the mixture. We have figured out a way to create our own version of an “erythritol” based sweetener that is rapidly absorbed by the small intestine due to the small molecular size and structure. Because more than 90% of ingested swerve is absorbed and excreted unchanged, allowing less than 5% to reach the large intestine, foods containing even a substantial amount of Swerve will not cause digestive discomfort, and are actually able to further promote digestive health by adding beneficial microflora to the diet. Back to top.

7. Are there any side effects from the use of Swerve Sweetener?

No side effects have been observed in the clinical tests performed to date, and no observations of side effects of any kind were reported by participants in the Consumer Survey. Back to top.

8. What about allergies from eating Swerve Sweetener?

There are no allergen warnings associated with Swerve Sweetener. Because Swerve is made from a natural enzymatic process, there are no original plant constituents remaining, only sweet, white crystals. Back to top.

9. Is Swerve Sweetener available in any food products?

Yes, we are currently making and selling Cajun Candied Pecans with Swerve Sweetener and have recently begun mass manufacturing Aunt Sally’s “Lite” Pralines with Swerve Sweetener. Back to top.

10. How can I get my local health food store, which is not on your list of customers, to carry Swerve Sweetener products so that purchasing is more convenient for me?

Just ask your local retailer to contact us toll free 1-888-292-5660 to request more information about Swerve Sweetener, including a wholesale price list. We will be glad to send information free of charge and follow up in a week to make sure that the product and price information is satisfactory. Back to top.